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Is glass pool fencing & glass balustrading safe.

As a general rule the glass used in most domestic glass pool fence & balustrade applications must be toughened glass & certified to comply with Australian Standards for correct thickness & quality. Toughened glass is 4-5 times stronger than normal glass & is made in such a way that should a panel break, it wall shatter or fragment into very small pieces thereby minimising the risk of dangerous sharp edges. Providing the pool fence is installed correctly & using the correct thickness of glass, glass pool fencing & balustrading is a safe option.

How do I know if my new fence will comply with the required laws & legislation after it is installed.

After your new fence has been constructed & when final payment has been received, FGA will immediately email a Form 15 certificate to confirm that the design, work & materials used to construct your new fence comply with all current relevant building codes, engineering codes and Australian Standards.

Consumers should always ask if the company or individual who is installing their new fence is licensed by the Queensland Building Services Authority as Form 15 Certificates can only be issued by appropriately licensed & qualified companies or tradesman.

Pool owners need to be aware, that in addition to the Form 15 Certificate issued by the installer, a Pool Safety Certificate must also be obtained under the current QLD Pool Safety laws. The Pool Safety Certificate can only be issued by an independent accredited pool safety inspector or certifier.

It is important to note that the same person or supplier who installs/constructs your pool fence can not also provide a Pool Safety Certificate for the fence

FGA can arrange for an independent pool safety inspection & certificate if required.

What is a Form 15

A Form 15 also referred to as a Form 15 Certificate, is a document issued by a supplier and/or licensed installer. It is essentially a document used to confirm that either the materials purchased (for diy customers only) or your completed new glass pool fence or balustrade comply with all current relevant building codes, engineering codes and Australian Standards.

For DIY customers, the supplier whom you purchase your fence or balustrade materials/components should provide you with a Form 15. The Form 15 you receive will be for the materials/parts you have purchased. It should clearly list the items you have purchased and also the relevant Australian Standards to which they have been manufactured. The Form 15 from the supplier can not cover the design, installation or construction of the fence as the customer will be doing the installation.

For customers who have their fence supplied and installed by the same supplier such as FGA, then the Form 15 will certify that your new fence or balustrade complies in all respects with current relevant building codes, engineering codes and Australian Standards.

It is important to realise that a Form 15 is not the same as a Pool Safety Certificate.

What is the difference between a Pool Safety Certificate & a Form 15 Certificate

A Form 15 certifies that the parts used to construct your new pool fence have been manufactured to the appropriate Australian Standards & have been installed correctly to comply with all current relevant building codes, engineering codes, pool fence laws and Australian Standards.

A Pool Safety Certificate needs to be obtained by every pool owner under the current QLD Pool Safety laws. The certificate can only be issued by an accredited pool safety inspector or certifier. The certificate confirms that the fence at the time of the inspection meets all the requirements of the current pool laws.











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